Tackling a Brick Wall with DNA

This multiple relations chart starts with a progenitor and proceeds down through generations of descendants. It is constrained to the lines of descent between the progenitor and those descendants. Spousal names are excluded for brevity and, hopefully, clarity.

The chart content results from Y-DNA testing of the Peter Worden line and autosomal DNA (atDNA) testing of descendants of Leonard and Amy Montross Worden, known ancestral couple. One possible set of parents for Leonard Worden were Benjamin and Sarah Frost Worden. Sarah Frost's parents were known to be Isaac and Mary Cock Frost, and autosomal DNA matches were found to others having the surname Cock or Frost, as well as Worden, in their lineages. Thorough chromosal analysis and triangulation have proven the accuracy of the lineages shown here. As usual, you may click on any name to go to that person's page for details. Living persons are excluded as always; however, some testees have their DNA results at GEDmatch and their kit numbers there are T534448, T439272, T898177, T488578, M712835, and F292491.

A full description of this study was published in Wordens Past, November 2014, pub. by www.wordenfamilyassoc.org. Notice that many more DNA matches have been found since this study was completed in 2014. All fully support the conclusions shown here and expand the number of lines that could be included as further evidence of relatedness.

Mary Cock
born August 1722, died after 1777
Sarah Frost
born 16 June 1755, died before March 1818
Catherine Worden
born about 1803
Phebe A. Consalus
born 1837, died 27 December 1925
Howard B. Bullard
born 13 April 1866
Doris G. Bullard
born 1895, died 1998
Leonard Worden
born about 1776, died 1841
Ella B. Worden
born 19 December 1892, died 20 November 1982
Samuel M. Worden
born 7 July 1794, died 28 January 1880
Mary J. Worden
born 17 August 1834, died 29 May 1882
Emma Worden
born 25 September 1833, died 22 March 1919
Katherine H. Worden
born 5 April 1846, died 27 December 1926
Amy D. Mann
born about 1870
Floyd H. White
born about 1900
Renselaer C. Worden
born 18 August 1841, died 16 December 1924
Evina Worden
born 6 August 1867, died 18 May 1922
Anna E. Tipple
born 21 February 1889, died 2 November 1918
Isabel A. Coons
born 3 February 1910, died 12 June 1979
James Goodrich
born 23 October 1910, died 1970